My favorite times of year to ride are spring and fall. My kit of choice is a long sleeve jersey and bib shorts,  and knee warmers on the cooler days.  There has always been discomfort at those lower temperatures that the space above your knee warmers and below your jersey felt overly exposed to the elements.  While your knees and lower thighs were warm, your upper thighs, groin and stomach felt unprotected.

I wore my first pair of Assos Tiburushorts S7 on our trip to Norway, where the temperature ranged from 35 – 60 degrees.  They were the perfect piece to keep me completely warm with its wind-block bladder protection front panel and brushed thermal fabric over my thighs. I never got the early ride chill that comes from classic bibs.

Since I typically only ride on weekends, I got a second pair. These two pairs of bibs are now my favorite go-to pieces for the next 7 months of riding.  They will compliment riding with bare knees when the temperature goes above 60, riding with knee warmers when the temperature ranges between 35 and 60, and under a pair of winter tights when things get ugly below 35 degrees.

You can try on a set of Tiburushorts at our Greenwich Assos Pro Shop and pair it with a set of knee warmers, leg warmers or winter tights to keep you riding comfortably straight through to summer.