60 minutes features Vivax Assist

January 28, 2017By Paul LevineProduct Reviews

Tune in to CBS 60 Minutes, January 29 at 7:00pm, as they investigate mechanical doping in the pro peloton. The Vivax Assist motor has been believed to aid pro cyclists for over ten years. A device that was created to offer a boost to the recreational cyclist may have been a hidden secret inside the … Read More

Lightweight Meilenstein C Disc – Stop To Go Faster

August 23, 2016By Paul LevineProduct Reviews

The holy grail of wheel performance is to be lightweight, durable, excellent handling and have great stopping capability.  Lightweight Meilenstein clinchers have always been the wheel of choice for climbing, snapping through switchbacks and instant torque in a sprint. Where they, and all carbon clinchers, fell short is controlled stops, especially in wet conditions. I … Read More

SRAM eTap – Flawless Shifting

July 21, 2016By Paul LevineProduct Reviews

This most likely isn’t the first review that you have read about eTap. Raving reviews have been all over the Internet of this revolutionary group for the good part of a year, way before SRAM was set up to meet the demand of the market.  My review has been in the making for the past … Read More

S-Works 6Fattie – A Game Changer

July 15, 2016By Eric PaulsenProduct Reviews

Game changing. I know it’s bold to start off a review with a statement like that but its true. What if I told you that there was a bike you could take lines that look insane, climb, descend, race and take to the park. 27.5? Plus? Boost? 1X? 150mm of suspension? Yes, the Specialized S-Works … Read More

Lightweight Wheels

July 1, 2016By Paul LevineProduct Reviews

ITT: Instant Torque Transfer. That is the best way to explain how riding Lightweight Meilenstein wheels feel. I have around 4000 miles on a set that I took to France last summer to ride in the Alps. I first noticed the ITT, a.k.a. acceleration, on climbs when I got out of the saddle. Then I noticed that when … Read More