Summertime is always a fantastic moment to enjoy a ride with Campagnolo components.

Having your bike professionally checked and ready to go is always the best approach but it’s also good practice to follow some quick and easy preparation steps to get the best out of your bike.

Here are 4 Maintenance tips we always recommend, to get the best riding experience.


Check your wheels and tires’ wear and tear

Wheels are an essential component which have a direct influence on the bike safety and dynamics. Have a visual check on the rims, looking for any damage.
On the other hand, tires are your only point of contact with the road therefore checking that they are in good condition is paramount for safety and performance.
If you have any doubt your wheels are fit to ride it is always a good idea to contact your preferred Campagnolo Pro Shop to inspect them.


Inspect your Groupset. If you ride the Campagnolo Super Record EPS make sure you always run with the latest firmware version

At Campagnolo we are always working to constantly enhance Groupsets performance, by updating the firmware with incremental improvements. To enjoy the best possible riding experience always make sure you have installed the latest firmware release on your Super Record EPS.

Keeping your firmware up to date is very easy, just use the MyCampy app and follow the download and install procedure.


Keep your drivetrain clean and lubricated, check chain wear

Always make sure your crankset, chain and cassette are clean and clear from dust and any minor debris which might scratch the teeth or the chain, dramatically reducing its lifespan.

Lubrication is in the same way essential, to maintain the correct smoothness and reduce mechanical issues.
For a better riding experience always have your chain checked from your preferred Campagnolo Pro-Shop.


Check your brakes

For top-end braking performances check rotor and pad alignment. Keep the pads clean and always check the pads and rotors wear and tear.

It is good practice to get both rotors and pads checked by your preferred Campagnolo Pro-Shop from time to time, to make sure they are always in their top performance conditions.

If you want your bike serviced to factory new by one of Campagnolo’s officially certified service centres, get in contact with Signature Cycles today.

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