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Back in 1999, when Signature was founded, Manhattan was at the core of the business. It's where Signature first found its footing, first found success, built a community, and grew into what it is today. 9 years ago, we changed the focus of the business to Greenwich, building on the rich cycling culture of the town, tapping into a new, vibrant community of cyclists.

Manhattan has never left our radar though — we've always remained active in the cycling scene there, attending GFNY, and working closely with friends at Foundation Cycling New York on events and sponsorship. With this in mind, we're excited to announce that this summer, we will be returning to Manhattan, with a pop-up space in the iconic hotel and members club, Casa Cipriani.

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Casa Cipriani

Casa Cipriani is one of New York's leading hotels, a world-class establishment housed in the historic Battery Maritime Building, just below the Financial District, on the southern-most tip of Manhattan. Casa Cipriani is uniquely placed, facing the river, with unbeatable views of the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. Similar to Signature, Casa Cipriani know about the importance of providing personalized, unique service, and treating every guest depending on their preferences and needs. They understand what it takes to deliver a unique experience, and so our partnership with them couldn't be more apt.

At Casa, we'll be offering our signature Bike Fitting services by appointment only, in a studio within their spacious and luxurious gym complex. We'll also be offering bike drop-off and pick-up for all the services we offer at our Signature store in Greenwich, by appointment only.

A unique space, surrounded by the Battery Building's period ironwork, we'll be able to offer our full fitting service to anyone in Manhattan, whether they're a member of Casa Cipriani or not.

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How it Works

We'll be offering Bike Fitting appointments at Casa Cipriani weekly on Mondays from 7am to 2pm, and on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm. All of our fittings will start with an extensive evaluation of the rider, with an interview and a physical assessment.

The fittings will be the same price as our standard, in store fitting. To book a fitting appointment, email our lead fit technician Abraham, at He'll then be able to arrange the right time for you to come in and review your fit, with each session lasting at least two hours. Alternatively, visit our Bike Fittings page and fill in the booking form, but don't forget to mention in your booking that you're looking for a Casa Cipriani fitting.

To arrange bike pick-up or drop-off, let us know this would be your preference when organizing your service.

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Why is Bike Fitting important?

The Bike Fit is at the core of everything we do at Signature, the foundation that every good ride is built on. It's crucial to our bike creation projects, especially when creating custom bikes. Even when working with a stock frame or existing bike, a proper fit within the limits of that frame will make a huge difference to your riding experience.

There are three main reasons to get a bike fitting —

  1. Improve Comfort
    A good fit improves your comfort in the saddle and reduces pressure on your arms, neck and back.

  2. Boost Power and Efficiency
    A good fit boosts your strength in the pedal stroke, making you faster and more efficient.

  3. Protect from Injury
    Because of cycling’s repetitive movements, improper alignment can lead to injury. A proper fit helps reduce this risk.

A bike fit from Signature will ensure that every ride is the very best that it can be, and that you're even closer to riding nirvana. Click here to read our full guide to bike fitting.

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"We are excited for the opportunity to provide our fitting services in such an iconic place as Casa Cipriani, we can’t wait to reconnect with the NYC cycling community, and provide them with an excellent cycling experience."
Abraham Soler, Co-owner and Lead Fit Technician, Signature Cycles

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We're excited to see you soon, both in Greenwich, and at Casa Cipriani. Whilst we're only offering bike fitting at Casa Cipriani currently, we've got great plans for future events in Manhattan, with ride-outs from Battery Park in the works.

To keep up to date with all of our events and plans for our Manhattan presence, follow us on Instagram, or sign up to our weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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