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After an incredible seven days, we are back in the US now, having covered 672 kilometres and climbed over 14,000 metres of elevation in the stunning country of Colombia.

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We based ourselves just outside of Medellin, a vibrant city nestled in the Andes mountains and the perfect base for our seven-night trip. We stayed at the four-star Hotel Movich – the preeminent cycling hotel used by several WorldTour cycling teams such as Ineos Grenadiers and Soudal–Quick-Step. Staying here allowed us to experience what it is like to train like a pro athlete, using the same training routes and climbs used by local pros such as Rigoberto Uran and Fernando Gaviria.

Cycling is Colombia’s national sport, and every weekend, hundreds of cyclists take to the roads around Medellin. On our very first ride of the trip, we understood why. The scenery is fantastic, the food is excellent, the roads are clean and safe, and, most importantly, the drivers are extremely polite and respectful to cyclists. There are also plenty of mountain passes that rival those found on the continent, matching up to places like the Alps, the Pyrenees, and the Dolomites. With the Andes on the hotel’s doorstep, our legs and lungs – thanks to the high altitude – were certainly put through their paces.

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Even with the demanding days in the saddle, in particular, day five featuring 2,938m of climbing and day seven with 3,144m of climbing, at the summit of every mountain, we’d cheer every rider as they crested the top, conquering what felt almost impossible a few kilometres before. Despite the challenges faced with a country that is based at a constant 7,500ft of elevation, as the days went by, the team only grew stronger. In the end, everyone was riding and tackling steep ascents with ease. By the time we were all ready to leave for the airport to come home, everyone mentioned how much stronger they felt compared to when they first arrived. It was the perfect training trip, prepping everyone for a summer of cycling.

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But it was not only the great rides, put together by Thomson Bike Tours, that made this trip memorable. It was also the company. After the hard efforts of the day, we’d spend the evening together, sharing some exquisite local food and stories from the day. Then, every morning, we’d all greet each other by saying “Buenos dias!” and shouting “Vamos!” as we pedalled off on the next adventure, ready to create stories we’d share that evening. Everyone who joined us on the Colombia trip – Darren, Jon, Alessia, Anna, Matt, and Pedro – made it what it was, and we’re so happy to have shared this experience with our Signature Cycles friends. There is something so magical about creating connections with people on the bike and getting to know people through the highs and lows of a day in the saddle.

During our trip, we also made time to visit some other friends of Signature Cycles, stopping by Scarab Cycles’ factory, located just 10 miles from the hotel. It was great to showcase the craftsmanship that goes into making one of these bikes, especially their unique bike frame designs.

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We savoured every moment of this journey, each mile leaving us craving more – more rides through Colombia's scenic landscapes, more unforgettable memories, and more of the vibrant essence of this remarkable country. We're already eagerly anticipating our next adventure, eager to immerse ourselves in Colombia's beauty once again in the future!

- Abraham

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