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The F8 Spider is Ferrari’s heartland car. You can trace it’s genealogy through years of mid-engined V8 two seaters stretching back to the 308 of 1975. It’s 3.9 litre twin turbo engine is pure power, but light with it. Incredible aerodynamics are both function and form, producing an elegant car that’s as successful in looks as it is performance.

Italian design, handmade quality, raw power and head turning looks. We could be talking about any number of wonderful bikes.

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This particular F8 comes from Miller Motorcars, specialists in providing exceptional motorcars for their discerning clients. We share a passion with Miller for sourcing the very best for our clients and providing a special level of service. Whilst many of our customers know exactly what they want, we always offer our expertise and experience to guide along the path to the right machine, the most appropriate specification and ultimately, the best investment for that particular individual. Just as in this case with Sandy, the owner of the Ferrari F8 Spider.

After speaking with Miller Motors we saw we have a fantastic opportunity to introduce Sandy, to the same level of quality in a bike. We challenged ourselves to evoke the same excitement in him that a poster of a Ferrari does to a small child. How do you impress the owner of a Ferrari F8, how can you meet the expectations of a client accustomed to the very best and match the anticipation of buying a supercar? We are always confident that we can do that. The made to measure bikes we offer, the journey that each client goes on and the exceptional results speak for themselves.


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For us, there are a small number of bike brands who could live up to the billing. FiftyOne produce handcrafted carbon fibre bikes, specifically for each customer. Crafted in Ireland by master builders, FiftyOne set themselves the ambition to conjure your dream bike and make it reality. We share their obsession for executing the perfect fit for every client. Together with the team at FiftyOne we put together a knockout spec that Sandy would be blown away by.

As you can see in these images, the result is breathtaking. Mounted proudly to the F8 thanks to the minimal power of a Sea Sucker bike mount, the FiftyOne is clearly made for this company. Sleek lines and alluring geometry look fast even when stationary. These two machines are made for going fast and tearing up corners, but look equally exciting parked up. SRAM Red eTap and Enve finishing kit paired with a deep red and black fade paint scheme create a classic looking bike with contemporary flare.

Heads turned when we parked up to capture these images, with passers by animated in equal parts by bike and car. A job well done by all involved. Why not talk to us about your dream bike?

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