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Bastion uses 3D printed titanium lugs and filament wound carbon tubes to uniquely create your bike, to look and ride like no other bicycle before it. A trio of automotive engineers from Melbourne took their love of cycling and introduced the latest technologies in automotive design into our industry. The 3D titanium lugs softens the ride, combined with the tunable stiffness of the carbon, creating a bump-dampening, hill sprinting, rail descending rocket, that you can ride all day.


“We believe in you, the rider. You know why you ride, how you ride and the ride you want. You are the best person to design your bespoke custom bike. Our mission is to empower you to direct the design of your bike – tuning it to your specific needs.

We believe Signature Cycles is the best option to help guide you through that process, with their outstanding customer service, expert fitting and component knowledge to help you make informed decisions in your dream build. Together we are engineering a new art form, one that is uniquely precision crafted just for you, the rider.”

Ben Schultz, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Bastion Cycles

Stop by today and take out our Demo Bastion, we are lucky to have a demo bike in the house (M- L frame size) equipped with Campagnolo EPS Disc. If you happen to be around and have your measurements handy, please take the bike for a ride, we promise you it will change your view on the bike. Warning, once you experience the ride characteristics of this bike, you may not want to give it back. Lead time on your new Bastion is now 6 months.