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AS: You’ve obviously spent most of your career as a professional athlete, but did cycling ever play a part in your life in that time. Whether for training or unwinding?

MR: Cycling has always been part of my life, from the moment that I learned to ride for fun, to transportation to and from school, to a method of training for hockey as I grew. For my training it was very specific short bursts of speed, mostly anaerobic so my rides were relatively shorter than they are now. But early in the training season, the base miles, MTB and just getting outdoors always brought me as much enjoyment as training.

AS: When did cycling first capture your imagination and did it have anything to do with the professional side of the sport? Did you watch the Tour de France or other big races?

MR: From as early as I can remember, I loved the act of riding. My brothers, sisters and friends would spend countless hours playing “Runover” in the suburban Philadelphia neighborhood where I grew up. I bought my first bike, a Fuji with lawn money and loved going on long rides near my home. As I got more into it, I started watching the Tour and learning about the amazing technology coming out year after year.

AS: You retired following a skull fracture and concussion, does that ever play on your mind when cycling?

MR: It certainly did when I first retired. Getting healed was the first order of business, but then filling the void from the competition and fitness that I loved so much. I then had more time and could get into it more. When I returned to school I joined the club college cycling team and learned a ton.

AS: What kind of cyclist are you, you were a brave player, are you the same on the bike? Do you love speed and crazy descents, or is it about the journey for you?

MR: Ha. I once gave a synopsis of my abilities to my brother after my first Mt. bike race: “Slow on the uphills, scared on the descents, and average on the flats”. I could sprint well but, thankfully I don’t have to rely on my cycling skills to put food on my table. I love cycling; the speed, the effort, the equipment, the beauty of the rides themselves and the culture that surrounds it. It is definitely about the journey now but I can still push myself personally every day.

AS: What are your riding habits, do you ride alone or in a group – are you a social rider? What is cycling to you, is it a way to stay fit, to have fun, see the world or hang out with friends?

MR: I loved working out and training for hockey-I can still do this in cycling. It’s hard, it’s fun, I love traveling to ride and it’s the best way to experience a new area. My brothers and I went to France to ride and watch a few stages live and I have been back with friends to do the same. It’s absolutely amazing the level of athleticism from the pro tour, the beauty of the peloton, and the culture-especially in Europe is really impressive.

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AS: Do you have a regular / favourite loop that you ride locally and can you tell us about it?

MR: Holy smokes. I love making new routes, but I am a creature of habit and once I find a good one, I ride it to death. I have a few beautiful routes both road and gravel near my house in southern Ct. through Westchester County NY. Now with Strava and MapMyRide you can share them with friends and learn new ones. During covid, I rode them endlessly. It was a way to get outside and save some sanity. Thank God for Signature Cycles' new routes and great folks to mingle with on shop rides, rather than my same rides talking to myself

AS: Do you travel for cycling and if so, what’s the best place you’ve ridden away from home?

MR: France. I was in the Pyrenees for a good part of the tour a few years after retiring, then did L’Ettappe ride up Mt. Ventoux. It was a really special experience. I now am looking at the Giro and hopefully joing Signature in Girona this year.

AS: We’re doing Rift Iceland together next year, what are you looking forward to most about that?

MR: I have always wanted to go to Iceland and the pictures of the ride itself look perfect; brutally hard I’m sure, but so exciting. I’ve gotten my equipment sorted out over the last few years from bikes to kits (no excuses) it’s time to get in shape…

AS: As a hockey player are you more hardy to the bad weather and can you give us any tips!?

MR: Funny, I have always enjoyed riding in the rain and crappy weather. I prefer a perfect sunny day for sure but there is something so cool about handling the elements as well as the course; it’s all part of it. I played indoors most of my life so maybe I'm not the best source, but obviously clothing is a major part of your equipment, so pick comfort and performance and always dress in layers. I’m a sweaty mess on most rides so I better have something on that handles the weather from inside and out!

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AS: What riding disciplines do you prefer; road, gravel, MTB etc?

MR: I have to say, I love all of them. I’ve tended towards road and like many, most recently gravel. Any type of cycling in a beautiful area with good people and few cars is just fantastic.

AS: We’re obviously obsessed with the bikes themselves here at Signature, so we’d love to know more what you ride. How many bikes do you have and can you ever have too many?

MR: This is an age old question and I’ve concluded that no, one can NEVER have enough bikes! There are so many outstanding brands out there and the march of technological advances makes the experience better and better. My problem is that I love every bike that I have ever owned, even that original Fuji (despite it being way too big for me). I have three go to bikes right now-road, gravel, and Mountain. Each is a work of art!

AS: Tell us about your current favourite bike, what is it and what is the specification. More importantly how did you choose it and why does it suit your riding style?

MR: The ENVE Melee is my latest addition. I had read good reviews on it and spoke to the folks at Signature to get their take. They know me and they really know bikes. It is the best bike that I have ever ridden. Tight, light, agile and comfortable. This thing is an incredible machine. It starts with a perfect fit and Abraham really dialled it in. There are so many good bikes out there, but this thing is the best machine I’ve ever owned.

Click here to see Mike's ENVE Melee

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AS: What do you look for most in a bike, is it how it feels, weight, looks?

MR: For me it is all about performance, stiffness, weight, and feel. In the end, like all equipment, you want it to be an extension of your body, so it feels natural. But each bike is a very personal choice so yes, the looks matter as well. I love to learn the philosophy behind the makers.

AS: If you could have any bike in the world, what would it be?

MR: I have it!

AS: Are you into special paint schemes, would you ever have a hockey themed one – maybe with your retired number 35 on?

MR: I love the thought of this. As a goalie, we have very individualized, one-off mask designs; kind of a signature if you will… I’ve been thinking about this for something special but I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my Melee so I can’t go there.

AS: We’re really glad to be working together with you as our ambassador, what about Signature Cycles appeals to you? Can you explain a little bit about how we came to get to know one another and why we’re working together in the future.

MR: I am thrilled to work with Signature Cycles in any manner. The reason I initially looked to this shop, in a word, is professionalism. They carry the best bikes and have so much knowledge about the sport from fitting to training.

The reason I stayed tight with them is simple; the people. Everyone in the shop clearly knows bikes and has that professionalism in spades but perhaps most importantly, they are good people. It’s easy to be loyal to people that show so much support and interest in their clients having a great experience. It’s a great community.

AS: What’s your dream ride; location, weather, company etc. How would you start and finish it. Are you a coffee stop man or a post ride beer guy?



70 F, 67 % humidity (good hair day)

The fine folks at Signature Cycles on their Spring Girona camp!

How I would Start:
Very optimistically. Looking to keep a blazing pace!

How I would End:

Tired, smelly, slow but as happy as can be.

I am both a coffee stop and a post beer man. Maybe more of both, especially in Europe!

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