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Last week we were lucky enough to be invited by Pas Normal Studios to join their annual brand summit, 3 days of riding the beautiful mountain roads of Majorca. It has been four years since we last visited the Island, and I’m reminded as soon as we touch down that this is a place so perfect it must have been created to ride bikes.

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Pas Normal Studios really stick to their ‘International Cycling Club’ name by inviting dealers from pretty much every continent in the world to come together, ride and talk about various ideas and projects for the brand.

No matter what part of the world everyone came from, we all shared the same passion for cycling and the desire for high-quality products to match.


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At this time of year, the weather ranges between 45-60°, the perfect fall temperature to ride all day. To ensure we were packed properly for the ride, we wore the PNS control fleece bibs and long sleeve jersey matched with their stowaway gilet. The double zipper makes it super easy to zip up while climbing, but quickly zip down as you start to descend and the wind cools you down.

We are very grateful to the Pas Normal team for the invitation. It was great to meet the team behind the brand as well as all the other international dealers that make the brand so successful.

We can’t wait to do it again next year!

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