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What an unforgettable experience. I can totally see now how Pas Normal Studios isn't just about making clothing for cyclists; it's about the enjoyment of riding a bike, and building a community of like-minded cyclists.

The purpose of this trip was to personally connect with the PNS team. It consisted of three days in their North American home of San Francisco, where we would learn about the products that are on the way, and their plans for the rest of 2024 and early 2025. Add in some good food and a good number of miles on the bike, and I can say that overall, this trip was a great success.

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From this event, and from learning more about the brand, it's extremely clear that they are an organisation that is run by passionate people, who act with humility and work extremely hard. They did a very good job of capturing the energy of the city itself in the summit, with great involvement from retailers, ambassadors and members of the local cycling scene. I felt welcomed into this inclusive and diverse scene. I met many people on the trip who were very different from me, from different backgrounds and experiences, but we were able to connect through this shared passion we have.

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This wasn't a trip solely dedicated to talking about clothes and sales, but there were some product insights I gained, learning about their upcoming Mechanism cycling shoes in collaboration with Fizik, and how hard they have worked to create a shoe in a silver colourway, rather than the white that everyone would have expected. This creative, alternative insight is often one of their strongest qualities, with design direction lead by their co-founder Karl-Oskar Olsen. It was refreshing to see all the founders present at the event, involved in communicating their products and ethos. I learned too that age doesn't need to be a barrier to starting a new venture or business, with Karl creating PNS later in his life than many founders.

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It's only when you know more about a partner, meet their founders and understand their culture, you can form a true connection with them. I'm excited about the future of Pas Normal Studios in the United States, having built a strong and earned reputation in Northern Europe. They have already opened their first brick-and-mortar store in the US, with their Haight Street flagship in San Francisco — worth a visit if you're in the area, not just for their clothing, but for their excellent service, coffee and pastries in store. Reaching out further than the West Coast, they'll be going on a tour of North America from March to September in their van, visiting distributors and supporting rides. Keep an eye on their social channels for when they'll be around our neighbourhood!

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As the company has grown, so have their products and sectors they're working in. Going beyond road cycling, they also have full lines for runners, as well as a range of casual clothing called Off-Race, all united by their minimal aesthetic, high-quality construction and Scandinavian roots. (Between us, I think there's definitely space in their line-up, and in the market for a Mountain Biking collection, but that's just my opinion!)

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As we say here at Signature, every partner we have is like a brother, another sibling in our family of partners. To connect in such a strong way with a brand, to meet the founders and engage with their community is not unique to PNS, and is at the core of the way we run Signature Cycles. It's our responsibility to be at the forefront of the cycling world, so that we can bring it back to our customers, and out store in Greenwich.

Even though this trip is finished, our relationship with Pas Normal Studios will continue, with our Midsummer Ride Challenge series starting on June 29th. I can't thank every single person individually here, so will instead take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who represents the brand for an unforgettable trip.

— Juan Vargas

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Click here to read more about Pas Normal Studios,or come into store to try their clothing for yourself. Make sure to follow our Instagram to stay up to date with Pas Normal events throughout the summer.

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