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When the US Postal team moved from Nice to Girona back in 2000, few could have predicted that Girona would go on to become the European mecca of road cycling. However, the rolling landscapes around Girona are also home to some of the best gravel rides in Europe.

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Combining the road rides made famous by so many professional riders and the gravel routes that are now emerging, this stunning part of Spain (or Catalonia) is the perfect destination for a road and gravel trip. Supported by the cycle tour experts Thomson Bike Tours, you will experience stunningly beautiful rides, great climbs, wonderful hotels, and some of the best food and wine in Europe.

This trip has been specially designed with Signature Cycles in mind, offering you the greatest rides on road and gravel and memorable luxury hotels. This is the perfect entry level trip to enjoy everything that the road and gravel surfaces have to offer! We start with five days of road riding, before transitioning to gravel. Thomson's professional mechanics will be on hand to help you with any necessary equipment transitions. We recommend an all-road or gravel bike, speak to us, we are waiting to help you with these decisions.

Your journey starts in Girona with a warm-up ride on the famous Els Angels climb. The trip continues with rides to the beautiful Mediterranean coast before heading into the rolling hills of the Pre-Pyrenees, eventually returning to Girona on gravel trails.

Join us in Girona for an unforgettable experience and some of the best bike riding Europe has to offer!

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