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Hailing from Boulder CO, Mosaic Cycles is a family operated small batch builder of handmade bicycles. Creating mostly Made-to-order custom bikes, Mosaic believe deeply in the benefits of a proper fit, and in the virtues of a metal frame, creating industry-leading steel and titanium frames. Every bike they create is uniquely tailored to the performance goals and specifications of the rider, with the final result being bikes of singular personality and beauty.

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"Mosaic is excited to partner with Signature Cycles to build stunning, made-to-order, high performance bicycles for specific individuals. Leveraging Mosaic's design & fabrication expertise with Signature's world-class bike fit and mechanic services, we're able to deliver a bike to our customer that fits perfectly, rides exactly as it's intended to, and looks unmistakably like a Mosaic with that Signature Cycles touch to top it off."

Mark Currie — Brand Marketing & Sales Manager, Mosaic Cycles
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