My project 39


Build Kit


ENVE Melee


Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc


Shimano Dura Ace R9270

Finishing Kit

ENVE Carbon Stem & Seatpost

Darimo Carbon Compact Handlebar

Dura Ace 9150 power meter

Pirelli Cinturato 700x35c Tires

Arundel Mandible Oil Slick Bottle Cage

Shimano Dura Ace Carbon Pedals

Shimano Pro Bike Gel Bar Tape

Specialized S-Works Romin EVO Saddle

This week we feature the ENVE Melee, belonging to our very own Abraham.

So, why the ENVE Melee?

I wanted to ride an aero road bike at our 2023 Signature Girona trip. The last time we visited Girona, I brought with me a Specialized Venge S-Works and really enjoyed the fast descending that the set up made possible. The ENVE Melee has been a great model for us at Signature Cycles and I wanted to give it a proper try myself.

My project 38

My purpose with regards to riding is a bit different now, compared to a few years back when I used to race. I now enjoy a conversation with a client or a friend on the road. I like to talk and share ideas when in the saddle, but I also still like to challenge a local KOM or personal PR when the chance arises. The Melee is more than capable of doing the business when the tempo increases.

Most importantly though, I wanted to use the Melee in that part of Spain as it would allow me to use a wider gravel tire, since we planned to do 5 days of road and 2 days of gravel. I used the Pirelli Cinturato 700x35c tubeless tires.

3 Half 2
4 Carousel 2

Groupset-wise, I selected the Shimano Dura-Ace 12 speed group because I wanted to test that 40% faster shifting compared to the previous edition. I like the ergonomics of the shifter hoods, there is certainly something to be said about how good it feels to ride a bike when everything is in the right place.

After a few rides, I was blown away by just how quick but also smooth this bike is. It made me feel fast but also confident and planted on the road. I would love for everyone seeking a modern road bike to consider the Melee, it is awesome and the best part is that it is phenomenal as stock. It’s then up to the rider if they want to tweak to find the absolute optimum set up based on individual preferences.

Photo Apr 29 2023 10 16 42 AM

In my case, I did want personalize things a little. I reached out to our friend Ron Jones at @probikedesign and asked if he could customize a few decals. He made it happen in record time! The inspiration for decal color came from a Jackson Pollock painting that I have at home. I love the black and white paint drip idea and it made the bike that touch more special to me.

Ultimately, a brilliant machine in a stunning location. It doesn’t get better.