BOTW Parlee Ouray

John’s Parlee Ouray #0001

Build Kit


Parlee Ouray


Partington MKII 31/31


Shimano Dura-Ace 9270 wireless


Pirelli P-Zero 700x28c


Enve in-route integrated cockpit

This week’s bike of the week is something highly exclusive. This is Parlee’s first delivery of its new Ouray model: it has the frame number 0001 to prove it and an accompanying certificate, so we prepared something special to mark this momentous occasion. Parlee’s CEO, John Harrison, came to our studio to present it to its now owner, also called John.

John is one of our loyal clients who over the past 15 years has acquired bikes that pretty much reflect the state of the bicycle industry. He started his collection with a beautiful custom Serotta Meivici, a few years later jumped to a custom Seven Axiom SLX, then got into gravel riding with a Scarab Paramo. Now, after our Parlee reunion, he was intrigued about the new Ouray model.

BOTW Parlee Ouray10

After reviewing the geometry of the Parlee closely and comparing it with the geometry of his other custom bikes, we confirmed the Ouray would work without any compromises. That is a true testament to the Ouray’s ability to merge race and endurance geometry, leading to a fantastic riding experience.

BOTW Parlee Ouray5
BOTW Parlee Ouray14

Not only does the geometry of the Ouray work perfectly for John, but the ability to run wider tires up to 40cm also allows him to explore and ride during all the seasons of the year.

We built the bike with top-drawer Shimano Dura-Ace 12-speed wireless components, Partington wheels, an Enve cockpit and CeramicSpeed upgrades and the result is the culmination and celebration of our partnership with multiple brands that allow us to deliver unique bikes like this one.

BOTW Parlee Ouray15

After his first ride, John said: “The bike immediately felt like one of ‘my’ bikes. The fit was spot on. As a long term advocate and owner of three custom bikes, I was very pleasantly surprised that a stock size could fit so well. I moseyed around Westchester and Fairfield counties enjoying the scenery and even trying some new roads. I thought a lot about how it was possible that a frame manufactured in the EU, wheels from Australia, a groupset from a Japanese company and parts for a cockpit from Utah all came together perfectly to create a bike that was immediately familiar and comfortable, yet also new, different and with lots of nice surprises. A top-end bike builder partnering with a top-end bike retailer to steer a long-standing customer towards the bike he really wants. And creating a memorable hand-off to boot. Chapeau!”

BOTW Parlee Ouray18
BOTW Parlee Ouray17

The fact that Parlee’s John Harrison came to our studio to meet with John for the delivery of his new bike indicates how much it means to Parlee that a great client like John has trusted us with a new project. It’s Parlee and every partner we have that allows us to deliver amazing projects like these. And the last word from the bike’s owner, John:

“Thank you all so much for making this such a special day for me. I truly appreciate your taking the time and attention to ensure this incredible bike had a proper send-off. I'm feeling like… well, a kid with a new bike.”