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Build Kit


Passoni XXTi Disc


ENVE 3.4 SES Disc

Pirelli P-Zero 700x28c


Shimano Dura Ace R9270 12 Speed

Rotor Aldhu Carbon InSpider Power Meter

Finishing Kit

Darimo Carbon Fiber Handlebars

Specialized S-works Romin Mirror Saddle

Silca Titanium Bottle Cages

We start 2023 with a very special Bike of the Week, Larry's Passoni XXTi!

This beautiful road bike will be Larry's 3rd custom build with us in a little over 12 years. His previous projects included a Seven 622slx, Seven Evergreen SL, and a Mosaic RT.

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Larry is a very active cyclist residing in Singapore, a country that tests the durability of any bike due to extreme weather conditions of heat and humidity. When we think about which frame material would be best suited to that environment, and that would last forever, Titanium is our number one choice.

With so many fantastic titanium frame manufacturers in the market, selecting a manufacturer to build the bike is a pleasingly difficult choice. Larry opted to go with Passoni, principally because of the unique welding technique they employ. Passoni’s artisan welders use a sealed chamber to avoid any oxygen affecting the welding process, arguably the best way to weld titanium.

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Passoni’s trademark classic, clean style is a hallmark of it’s builds. It’s ateliers hand-polish every joint on the frame to make it as clean and perfect as possible, just like a fine piece of jewelry.

Larry selected the XXTi model because he wanted to build a light and comfortable bike to travel and conquer some of the most epic mountain passes in Europe. The XXTi frame has a carbon seat tube from bottom bracket to saddle, providing a smoother ride and a clean look.

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Passoni's Atelier in Torri Bianche, Italy

Passoni's signature color is Sage Green which Larry selected in a gloss finish on the seat tube, fork and stem. Most of the frame is left as a raw finish to showcase the beauty of titanium tubing.

We can't wait to see Larry in person in a few days when he makes his journey to the shop here in Connecticut to pick up his new custom bike, take it with him to Singapore, and conquer some epic climbs in Europe.

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