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LuisFe's Scarab Santa Rosa

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Scarab Santa Rosa


Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer Disc


Shimano Dura-Ace 12-speed


Selle Italia Kit Carbonio Boost


CeramicSpeed+ OSPW Alpha

For this week’s Bike of the Week, we are proud to highlight a story that goes beyond just cycling – it's about passion, heritage, and the pursuit of excellence. We're excited to present LuisFe's latest addition to his bike collection, a reflection of his deep connection to both his Colombian roots and his newfound community in Greenwich.

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LuisFe’s journey into cycling began two years ago when he moved from Miami. The flat, sunny streets of Miami were a great starting point, but they didn’t prepare him for the diverse and challenging terrain of Greenwich. Here, he found not just a new home, but a new love for the sport, driven by the picturesque yet demanding roads that define our area.

Greenwich’s landscape, with its punchy climbs and undulating roads, demanded more from LuisFe. It required adaptability, strength, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. Over the past two years, LuisFe has not only risen to these challenges but has thrived, becoming one of our strongest and most reliable riders during our Saturday rides.

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LuisFe's Colombian heritage plays a significant role in his cycling story. It’s a source of pride and inspiration, influencing his vision of the ultimate bike. During a family trip to Medellín last winter, LuisFe visited the Scarab Factory. This visit wasn’t just about seeing where bikes are made; it was about connecting with a piece of his identity and bringing a dream to life.

The bike he brought back is not just a machine; it’s a work of art and a piece of his cultural heritage. The limited edition Santa Rosa model, one of only 30 ever made, features an integrated carbon seat tube, a design innovation that combines Scarab’s traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Updated with features like a T47 bottom bracket, disc brakes, and an all-integrated cockpit, this bike is designed for performance and elegance, with no visible cables to disrupt its sleek lines.

BOTW Luis Fe Scarab 7

In building this dream bike, only the best components would suffice. It boasts Shimano Dura-Ace 12-speed wireless components, lightweight Obermayer wheels, carbon Beast integrated bars, and ceramic speed bearings. The paint job is the finishing touch, with a matte grey finish and "tobacco" bronze logos, giving the bike an understated yet sophisticated look.

But this bike represents much more than high-end components and cutting-edge design. It is a symbol of LuisFe’s journey – a journey of embracing new challenges, connecting with his heritage, and finding a community that shares his passion. It’s a testament to his dedication, not just to the sport, but to the idea that cycling is more than just riding a bike; it’s about the stories we create and the bonds we form along the way.

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We are honoured to share in LuisFe’s journey and to witness the unveiling of his new dream bike. It’s a celebration of his achievements and a reminder of the power of passion and perseverance. Here’s to many more rides together, each one a chapter in the ongoing story of LuisFe and his extraordinary cycling adventure.