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Abraham's Mosaic GT-i45

Build Kit


Mosaic GT-i45


Enve AG25 Carbon Disc


Shimano GRX Di2 Wireless 12-Speed


Pirelli Gravel H 700x45 and 40c


ENVE Carbon Integrated with AR Handlebar

This week’s bike of the week is both beauty and beast. Underneath the exquisite custom paintjob, created by Mosaic Cycles’ artist in Boulder, Colorado, is a full titanium gravel grinder that has already proven itself in one of the toughest events on the calendar.

This is Abraham’s first titanium bike, and for someone like him with so many years of experience in the cycling industry, the GT-i45 checks all the boxes.

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The bike was handmade in Boulder and is, like all of Mosaic’s projects, an expression of the company’s philosophy: because the rider is at the center of the Mosaic process, the limitations of factory bikes no longer exist. Titanium is Mosaic’s material of choice due to its versatility. By using oversized butted tubing and modern design elements, titanium allows a full spectrum of ride options that can rival the stiffness of top-shelf carbon, or create the compliant feel of all-day endurance.

Abraham was looking for a bike to race on gravel and push the limits but also wanted comfort and durability. Custom geometry and custom manufacturing were also important to him and in Mosaic he found it all.

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Mosaic has already delivered some big results and podiums at events like Unbound, Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), the USA National Championships and even UCI Gravel World Series. The racing experience has been key to continuing to improve the performance of its manufacturing process and tubing selection for each client. And Abraham wanted to test all that experience.

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How does it ride? Abraham just took his new bike to one of the hardest gravel events in the calendar. Hosted by Enve, they call it the Grodeo. Over the Full Bull 92-mile distance it throws singletrack, long gravel climbs and sharp technical descents at bike and rider. We are happy to report that the bike delivered in all areas.

Check out the Enve Grodeo Builder Round-up; this bike was used by Mosaic as its showpiece for the exclusive event.

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To turn the dream build into reality, we used the new Shimano GRX 12-speed group, also something that Abraham hadn’t had the chance to use on the gravel yet. The latest GRX features the new and improved wireless shifters along with an updated braking performance that was already superior. Abraham opted for the 2x setup because it opens up a great range while keeping the gear jumps very tight. To top off the Shimano build, we’re using a new 3D-printed crankset from our new partner Sturdy Cycles, well known for collaborating with titanium manufacturers with his jewel-like components to take their builds to the next level. With a full Enve cockpit, fully integrated and custom painted to match the frame, this build is something really special.

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The paintwork was inspired by Mosaic’s artist series, with a theme suggested and created by their artist in Colorado. We can assume this bike is going to camouflage beautifully on the gravel roads in Greenwich.

We can’t wait to see what future gravel adventures are waiting for Abraham and his new bike.

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