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Passoni Titanio Disco


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This week we're proud to feature Werner's Passoni Titanio Disco.

Werner returned to us a year after having an initial fit, ready to upgrade his 2010 Cervelo S3 to something that embodied craft and was built to last a lifetime. Comfort was also high on the brief, alongside a stylish, timeless look.

Having sat down together to review our portfolio of titanium custom frame manufacturers, Werner couldn’t look past Passoni. There was something particularly special about the simple yet beautiful appearance of the Titanio Disco frame set, a bike engineered to get the most out of its rider, offering a balanced mix of speed and control. Decision made, the project was born.

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In Passoni's own interpretation, the Titanio offers a faster and more responsive ride thanks to oversized tubes that complement aggressive, enthusiastic riding. Able to absorb fatigue-inducing vibration thrown up from the road, the result is a bike that remains ready to attack all the while there is life in your legs, even after many hard hours out on the road.

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The Titanio Disco sits at the intersection of Passoni’s racing heritage and cycling’s future. It’s incredibly light while resolutely stiff and among the most aggressive bicycles that comes out of the Italian manufacturers factory.

Recognisable for its classic profile, the Titanio Disco is nevertheless built to accommodate the latest industry technologies, including electronic shifting for an efficient, effortless ride that will guarentee a smile appears on your face. Leaving its appearance unblemished, features like the thru-axle dropouts and slender seatstays show off the craftsmanship involved in creating a bike that’s utilitarian in its pursuit of speed.

The disc brakes are also as beautifully integrated as they are powerful, which gives its rider licence to push the bike to the very edge of its capabilities without having to compromise on control. Color-wise, Werner was immediately captured by Passoni’s signature Matte Sage Green; custom painted fork-stem-cages add an element of color that accompanies the sleekness of the frame.

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There was one additional ask that Werner put to us for his new bike and that was the ability to incorporate a wider tire, to have the option of taking on some light gravel trails should he choose to switch things up. Passoni made this possible by using an ENVE All-road fork, along with slightly longer chain stays to accommodate a broader tire.

The overall result is something completely unique, modestly striking and specifically created around Werner's desires and needs, 100% made in Italy!

Congratulations Werner! See you on the road.