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In every trip we plan, we apply the same Signature philosophy and attention to detail. Always unqiuely designed, offering you the best rides and the most sought after luxury hotels. The ultimate in high-end, tailored cycle travel.

One of the beautiful aspects of being a cyclist is that we can ride on the same epic venues that the professionals in our sport train and race. We climb the cols where some of the great tour battles have been fought and roll through the countryside like a pro peloton during their days of riding "piano".

It is like playing in Yankee Stadium or Wimbledon, or racing at Indianapolis. Typically allowed for the select few. We travel to the Alps, Pyrenees, Tuscany, Majorca, Girona, looking to tick off one more trip on our bucket list. These trips are unique to Signature Cycles and not available elsewhere. Join us on our adventures as we discover the world, one pedal stroke at a time.

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We partner with Thomson Bike Tours to create the greatest cycling experiences. They provide all types of trips around the world, from VIP access to the Tour de France TDF finish line, to epic climbing challenges in the Colombian mountains.

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Born from a love of cycling and a passion to create the greatest cycling experiences, Thomson are the number one Official Premium Tour Operator to the Tour de France.
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Upcoming trips

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Explore Switzerland


10th September




When thinking of the Swiss Alps, not many realise how close they are to Italian gems like Lake Como. This trip will take you deep into both! We'll spend 5 days riding in the Alps, followed by 2 along the shores and surrounding hills of Lake Como.

Mountains, alpine valleys and beautiful hills form the playground. We'll ramp up as we ascend legendary climbs, with the Queen Stage on Day 4. Here you will be officially certified as a climber.

But this trip is more than rides, including amazing hotels, mouthwatering food and exclusive visits to the headquarters of global stars ASSOS and Passoni. High and majestic, technology and tradition go hand in hand with what we have planned. Limited spaces available.

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Previous Trips

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Volta a Girona


23rd April



When the US Postal team moved from Nice to Girona back in 2000, few could have predicted that Girona would go on to become the European mecca of road cycling. However, the rolling landscapes around Girona are also home to some of the best gravel rides in Europe.

Combining the road rides made famous by so many professional riders and the gravel routes that are now emerging, this stunning part of Spain (or Catalonia) is the perfect destination for a road and gravel trip. Supported by the cycle tour experts Thomson Bike Tours, you will experience stunningly beautiful rides, great climbs, wonderful hotels, and some of the best food and wine in Europe.

This trip has been specially designed with Signature Cycles in mind, offering you the greatest rides on road and gravel and memorable luxury hotels. This is the perfect entry level trip to enjoy everything that the road and gravel surfaces have to offer! We start with five days of road riding, before transitioning to gravel. Thomson's professional mechanics will be on hand to help you with any necessary equipment transitions. We recommend an all-road or gravel bike, speak to us, we are waiting to help you with these decisions.

Your journey starts in Girona with a warm-up ride on the famous Els Angels climb. The trip continues with rides to the beautiful Mediterranean coast before heading into the rolling hills of the Pre-Pyrenees, eventually returning to Girona on gravel trails.

Join us in Girona for an unforgettable experience and some of the best bike riding Europe has to offer!

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Erie canalway trail



2nd October



Join us on our coaching partner CCNS's epic cross country ride.

Explore the Empire State by bike! From the skyscrapers of Manhattan to village main streets and rural communities, through the forests and farmlands, alongside the rivers and lakes, the CCNS NYC to Niagara Epic is sure to be a bucket list week.

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27th May



Starting just outside Florence, we rode through the best of Tuscany following many of the white gravel routes made famous by the Eroica and the annual Strade Bianche professional race.

This trip was designed to offer the greatest rides on road and gravel and the most memorable, luxury hotels. Thomson's professional mechanics helped with the transition between road and gravel, with support vans and guides on every ride.

This was a truly memorable trip and we can't wait to work with Thomson Bike Tours again for our next adventure.

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