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If you are interested in one of our bikes, but aren’t able to visit us for a fitting, we can still help you create your dream bike. Simply fill in the information below and we can begin the process.

After completing the form, your personal bike fitter will be in touch to continue the conversation and take care of you throughout the process. We look forward to helping you build your ultimate bike.

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Fill out our virtual bike fit form below, so we can ensure your custom bike perfectly matches your body’s natural geometry


We will have a video call to discuss the intricacies of your build. From the frame type to the paint job, everything is completely custom

Frame Order

Once you’ve chosen your desired manufacturers, we will commission your custom frame and order your components


When the parts have arrived at the shop, one of our technicians will assemble and build your bike to your unique specifications

Shipping & Follow Up

After you've received your bike, we'll get in contact to make sure everything is ok and you're getting the maximum smiles per miles!

Fitting Questionnaire

To create your custom bike, we just need to know a few basic touchpoints so that the frame and all it’s components perfectly match your body’s dimensions and has the correct geometry for your riding style.

1. Rider Bio
2. Riding experience
3. Your current bike

Using your current bike as a guide, use the diagram below to provide us the following measurements. 

For video instruction on how to take the measurements click here

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3. Your current bike (optional)
  • Metric
  • /
  • Imperial