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Why Have a Bike Fitting?

Whether you're new to the sport, or an experienced cyclist who trains regularly, having a properly fitted bike could be the difference between enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle and inviting issues such as knee and back injury. Ergonomic issues or injuries are more likely to occur if your bike hasn't been tuned to your personal dimensions, range of motion, and current level of fitness and flexibility.

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Even though cycling is considered a low-impact sport, pedaling a bicycle involves repeating a somewhat limited range of motion thousands of times, while most of the time the rest of your body is in a relatively static position. This unfortunately means that the risk of discomfort or injury if your bicycle is not properly accommodating you can be high.

Whether we like it or not, day by day, we're all getting older. The human body can be very dynamic and a person's level of fitness and flexibility can fluctuate dramatically over time. Sometimes it can happen relatively quickly if a person undergoes serious lifestyle changes, sustains an injury, or goes through childbirth.

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When Should I Have a Bike Fitting?

If you haven't had a bike fit, or it's been a couple years, your current position may be less than optimal. If it's been more than a few years, your current fit might just be a snapshot of a very different rider with a different level of fitness. Sometimes we gain fitness and flexibility through training or good habits, and sometimes it can be the other way around. Making progress can sometimes require letting go of the past and embracing the body you currently inhabit.

Here just a few of the signs that you might need a bike fitting:

If you are experiencing any kind of undue pain when riding your bicycle, or any post-ride discomfort, you are an ideal candidate for a bike fit session.

If you suspect your bike might not be the right size, or may require adjustment to help you achieve greater comfort (you're most likely correct!)

Or, if you simply want more out of your race machine, we can help!

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What Are The Benefits of a Bike Fitting?

A good bike fit can improve your comfort, increase your biomechanical efficiency and prevent overuse injuries. It can make the ride that much more enjoyable, knowing that your risk of injury has decreased tremendously. It can also make you faster, if you're concerned with aerodynamics and pedal stroke efficiency.

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What is Signature’s Approach to Bike Fitting?

Here at Signature Cycles, our philosophy is Fit-First. We begin by discussing your goals and aspirations, then address any issues you may be experiencing.

Our fit flow is from the ground up, we make sure that your shoes are comfortable with proper cleat position and that your riding apparel and equipment are able to suit your needs as a cyclist. We then use our dynamic fit bike and pedal stroke analysis to ascertain exactly how your body will be best accommodated for comfort and efficiency.

From there, our goal is to match the perfect fit to the perfect bicycle, and since we are often in the practice of designing custom frames in collaboration with some of the world's leading manufacturers, we literally consider every angle. We take pride in pining over every detail and we can evaluate which material properties, component groups, tire clearances, tubing lengths, angles, right down to the tubing diameter and wall thickness that will be the absolute best for you.

If you're ready for the ultimate cycling experience, consider letting us help you achieve or surpass your cycling dreams.

Click here to book a Fit Session at Signature Cycles.

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