I’m sure you’ll agree there aren’t many things more satisfying for a cyclist than the appearance of spring, as short sleeves and bib shorts emerge after what at times can feel like an endless winter. Throw the roads of Mallorca into the mix and you’re onto something truly special. Feeling that sense of freedom and movement, the air rushing over your body. You know the feeling.

But why were we there? We had Pas Normal Studios to thank for that, hosting its annual brand summit for ambassadors and vendors from across the globe. For one weekend, those connected to the Danish brand would descend onto Palma, the Spanish islands capital and one of the world’s most desirable cycling locations.


I’m fortunate to have visited Mallorca several times with Signature and was excited to form part of a new bunch for a few days of learning, community building and riding. I certainly would not be disappointed.

After check-in on Wednesday, we built our bikes up and made our way to the hotel entrance for a late afternoon 2 hour “warmup” ride. What a scene it was as almost 100 riders dressed in PNS clothing assembled, a sea of strong pastel colors on matching bib and jerseys to the bright and wild designs of its limited-edition releases. It couldn’t have been clearer as we set off that we belonged to one outfit, the PNS International Cycling Club. This ride set the precedence for the whole weekend, shining a light on the brands vision and dedication to its community.

The next day we were out again. A dynamic, diverse group, some of whom clearly in great shape. Signature now represents one of 60+ shops and 75 global ambassadors, alongside PNS’ own workforce which now exceeds 70. I was clearly one of the older riders around and the ride up the military climb was a tough 2hrs, as I tried to hang onto the wheels of sprightly younger riders.

Over dinner that evening we were introduced to the PNS founders, owners, and staff. It was great to reconnect in person with our support team, including our US rep William from Chicago, along with Andreas and Sune from head office in Copenhagen.


Friday started in the classroom! With an in-depth presentation on the 2023 product line up, followed by a marketing strategy talk and Q&A. Here are some of highlights and focuses:

- PNS wants to inspire people to explore their own roads and aims to be a pioneer for cyclists, bringing the best products to the community globally.

- A key focus is on long term sustainability. An example of this is the recently launched En Route platform in Europe, a place to buy and resell used PNS items.

- It will continue to focus on 4 collections including some special edition runs that reflect various audiences and purposes: Mechanism, Essential, Escapism and Casual

- Strengthening of the female riding community

- A near future goal is to sign a partnership deal with a pro team. Lots of effort is being put in developing more technical fabrics for this purpose.

- PNS has signed a deal with the UCI as a lead sponsor of its gravel series.

- Great news for Signature is the launch of the Destination Everywhere van, hitting the road in San Francisco this spring and travelling cross country to reach us in September. Stay tuned, as we are planning a special event for this.

- PNS is also the fastest growing cycling brand on social media, with a highly engaged audience. We are so excited to be part of this community together with you, our wonderful clients.

- During a lively Q&A PNS acknowledged that recent years have been complex and that the brand is looking to move forward in a coherent manner to strengthen its product line and business operations.

After the session, we were ready to roll out again for another fantastic ride heading north into the hills. It was a treat to find myself on familiar roads and finish the loop with high-flying descents and speeds from Valldemossa. We were lucky with the weather and soaked in the days late sun.

Celebrating the International Cycling Community was the focus on Saturday as we had the option to choose from a couple of different group rides. We were about 25 riders on the 95km route I chose to the heart of the island, including the famous ascent to the Randa Monastery. It was a good pace that allowed me to chat with many peers. Pushing home into a strong headwind as a well-oiled grupetto was a fitting final experience of the trip. At the end I couldn’t resist peeling off to explore the beautiful ancient city district of Palma, including the majestic Cathedral overlooking the coastline. And yes, I absolutely deserved that ice cream cone sitting on the city wall. After all, spring and its warmth is a cause for celebration.


With luggage in tow, I was back to the airport on Sunday morning. Reflecting on the experience, I’d learnt so much about Pas Normal Studios, its team, products and in particular the community that we form a part of. The chance to meet so many leading bike shop owners, staff and ambassadors from all corners of the world was fantastic. We don't underestimate the power of sharing experiences and global relationships, together forming one big family. Thank you PNS for making it possible.

Ruedi Laager

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