Since 2018, ENVE has partnered with leading bicycle retailers around the world to create the ENVE Ride Center (ERC), an initiative seeking to deliver a premium customer experience. Identified as select shops that have a far-reaching impact within cycling and local communities, the 20 U.S. ENVE Ride Centers represent the brands core values when it comes to quality, selection, service and expertise. We’re extremely proud to announce that Signature Cycles is now an ERC.

To celebrate the launch of our ERC, we had the pleasure of hosting Michael Kowalski, the National Sales Manager for ENVE and his team for the weekend. The aim of this ‘Meet the Maker’ was to learn first-hand from ENVE about its products and put its theory to the field, testing wheelsets and bikes on a large group ride. With over 40 riders turning up to take on the Greenwich gravel, it was an event to remember.

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Friday — Meet the Makers

Our shop was transformed into an ENVE showcase. Demo wheels filled our walls and the new Melee and Road Custom bikes took centre stage. As the crowd gathered, we were treated to a presentation from Michael taking us through the latest and greatest from ENVE. If you haven’t heard of ENVE, it’s a Utah based manufacturer with 200+ employees that have built one of the most desired premium brands in the bike industry. For more than 15 years, its innovations have come from the passionate cyclists who work there, demanding better products that they themselves want to ride.

ENVE have had a hand in developing and manufacturing carbon parts for some of the top brands on the market. From carbon forks and aero bars to swingarms, frame tubes and lugs, frame production and design is a key part of their history.

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In 2021 ENVE introduced the U.S. made Custom Road – the first of its kind that blends custom fit with modern day performance. The limited production makes every Custom Road unique from geometry to paint. A fully customizable aero-style endurance frame, it was developed with the idea of fitting the bike to the customer (exactly how we at Signature work).

Building on the introduction of the Custom Road, they then released the Melee; a stock geometry road bike designed for the performance-oriented cyclist, which can also handle up to 35mm tires. Both bikes are available here at Signature Cycles so come and see us if you’re interested, or use our virtual design builder if you can’t make it to the shop.

The next big topic Mike took us through was the line-up of the new SES wheels. Its long-term strategy in wheel development will see ENVE producing tubeless and hookless wheelsets only, alongside its own tires to give riders the best results, offering more ride comfort and puncture resistance, less rolling resistance and even greater speed.

After lots of fantastic discussion, we couldn’t wait to head out for the ‘Ride with the Maker’ outing the following morning.


Saturday — Ride with the Maker

The next morning, we awoke to a brisk and beautiful fall morning. The turnout was great with over 40 riders lined up ready to go by 07:30.

After a quick coffee and bagel fuelling, we were rolling out the shop for a 45-mile gravel loop. The ENVE team was the leading group and we even had a support car alongside us for any roadside recovery. A few riders got flats on the ride, but with our swift technician on hand we had everyone rolling again in no time. Riders even got a pro peloton style hard push off too!

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We split into two ride level groups around Byram Lake so that everyone could enjoy the outing at their own pace. After a couple of technical sections and good climbs, we hit one of our favourite lunch stops, Rochambeau Farm in Mt Kisko. Everyone enjoyed their home-made baked goods and a fresh coffee, the perfect treats to accompany the farm setting.

Refuelled and ready for the second half, we hit the wonderful rolling gravel roads across this beautiful horse country. Lots of laughter and stories added to the joy of this ride and many took the opportunity to get some expert advice from ENVE. With softer gravel roads from previous rain, wheels, tires and PSI was a particular sticking point.

4 hours later everyone was safely back at the shop, albeit slightly covered in mud! Enjoying a cold beer and slice pizza, we reflected on how lucky we are to have such great gravel roads in our back yard.

We had an amazing weekend with ENVE and all the riders, so would like to thank all who attended. Stay tuned for the next Signature Cycles event!

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