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Travel has always been a core aspect of our approach to cycling. We build beautiful, unique bikes for them to be used, and to enable people to explore new landscapes and countries. There’s something unique about exploring a new part of the world by bike; you feel every climb, every foot of elevation and bend in the descent. You’re truly connected to the landscape, and can appreciate it in a way special to this sport.

Through travel, we experience new cultures and cuisines, find new friends and frontiers. Cycling can bring you closer to these things than many other methods of travel, free to roam the country and cover great distances, making hidden gems accessible and bringing remote landscapes within reach.

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Since the beginning, Signature have always proud to partner with some of the best bike manufacturers from all around the world. Many other countries have extremely strong cycling culture, and often bring new ideas and perspectives to this sport, through technical innovation or artistic creativity. As part of these trips, we’ll be incorporating visits to some of our favourite manufacturers, giving you a unique opportunity to meet the makers, and see where some of the best bikes and gear are made. In 2024, we’ll be visiting the headquarters of Scarab Cycles, Passoni and Assos.

We’re extremely excited to announce our 2024 trips, organized in partnership with Thomson Bike Tours. This year, as well as visiting two of the finest and most unique cycling destinations in the world, we’re also visiting the countries of origin of our co-owners. Join us in Colombia this April, and in Switzerland in September 2024.

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Colombia Cycling Camp

April 13 - 21

Join us for a week of cycling in this cycling obsessed country! We’ll be based out of the 4 star luxury Hotel Movich, the preeminent cycling hotel in the country, used by Team Ineos, Bora-Hansgrohe, Soudal Quick-Step and many other top pro teams. Starting and finishing at the hotel, this week of cycling will cover many of the excellent routes and climbs used by local pros, such as Rigoberto Uran and Fernando Gaviria.

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The homeland of Signature Co-Owner Abraham, he’ll be using his local connections and knowledge to organise a number of fun local experiences including an organised visit to Scarab Cycles, located just 10 miles from the Hotel Movich.

The riding will be challenging and rewarding, with the usual industry-leading support and guidance from Thomson.

A true hotspot of cycling and underrated cycling destination, this will be a colourful and joyful trip, that can’t be missed. Click here for more information, and to book your place on this trip.

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Switzerland and Lake Como

September 8 - 15

Next Autumn, we’ll be heading to Switzerland for a week in the Alps, exploring the iconic mountains, and journeying down to the shores and hills of Lake Como.

With some of the most scenic mountain passes and climbs in the world, this is a cycling country that should be on your bucket list. We’ll conquer the St Gotthardpass, one of the only cobbled passes left in Europe, the iconic Furkapass and the high and majestic Nufenenpass (and that’s just on one day!).

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As well as exploring the beautiful and scenic hills of Lake Como, we’ll be visiting two brands we’ve been working with for a very long time: Assos and Passoni. Usually exclusive and not open to the public, we can offer this unique experience as part of this trip.

Technology and tradition, majestic mountains and lush valleys; this trip has it all. Click here for more information, and to book your place.

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At Signature, attention to detail is crucial to everything we do, from building bikes to building wonderful travel experiences. It would be a real pleasure for you to join us on these unique trips, and discover the world one pedal stroke at a time.

Feel free to reach out to us for any more information. Both of these trips are now available to book, with very limited places, via the Thomson website. Click here to book the Colombia trip, and here for the Swiss adventure.

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