BOTW Ben Argonaut

Ben's Argonaut Supernaut RM3

Build Kit


Argonaut Supernaut


Argonaut 43 Carbon Wheelset and DTSWISS 180 Hubs


Shimano Dura-Ace 9270


ENVE 1-Piece Carbon Cockpit

Finishing Kit

OSPW Shimano 9200 Pulleys

Schalwbe One Tubeless Tires 700x28c

For this week’s Bike of the Week, we have Ben Farver’s Supernaut RM3. This is Argonaut’s latest model in its collection and as Ben is the founder of Argonaut, what better Supernaut to feature?

Ben visited Signature Cycles earlier this month when we hosted the Meet the Maker events, bringing with him this unique, custom-built bike that challenges the traditional notions of design and aesthetics. In pursuit of perfection, Ben and the Argonaut team called upon the two decades of custom craftsmanship, hands-on experience and data interpretation it had to develop this bike, and it truly is a work of art at the pinnacle of high performance.

BOTW Ben Argonaut2

Ben's body type makes for the perfect swimmer, with a longer torso, so he understands the needs and benefits of a proper bike fit if he wants to perform optimally on his bike and be comfortable. With this in mind, the bike's top tube is slightly longer with a short head tube, and the frame is also reinforced on the bottom bracket area, so Ben’s power is transferred to the rear wheel.

Having had the privilege of riding alongside Ben during our weekly ride out, we can attest to his extraordinary power output, seamlessly translated into the bike's performance.

BOTW Ben Argonaut9

Yet, beyond its unparalleled performance, what truly distinguishes the Supernaut RM3 is its stripped-down aesthetic – no paint, just an exposed frame that tells a story of how this beautiful bike was made.

Ben’s frame allows you to admire every fibre that makes the frame’s structure. It tells a story of hard work, preservation, and the pursuit to create the best bike in the world. It’s clean and elegant in its truest form, and also the lightest bike in Argonaut’s collection. Beyond the frame, the bare theme continues with an integrated ENVE cockpit with a naked finish, which complements the frame.

BOTW Ben Argonaut3
BOTW Ben Argonaut6

Stripping away the protective layers of paint, the Supernaut RM3 stands as a testament to artisan bike manufacturing. It is a celebration of authenticity, a bold declaration of individuality amidst a sea of conformity.

Overall, we think it is a fantastic bike and we are happy that we get to represent Argonaut at Signature Cycles as they push the boundaries in bike design, and also fortunate that we are able to bring their bikes to our clients.

We still have three Argonaut Supernaut RM3s in store for you to test ride and experience for yourself. Come in to our Greenwich store, or email us here to find out what all the fuss is about!