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FiftyOne's Sika carbon road bike is this week's Bike of the Week. Developed using the insights gained from over 500 custom bike builds to date, FiftyOne designed the Sika for everyday riders who seek comfort during long rides.

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The minds behind FiftyOne Bikes identified a gap in the market for a bike tailored to real riders. However, creating a road bike for everyday riders didn't entail compromising on other factors. The Sika remains a top-level performance bike, boasting lightness, stiffness, confident handling, and a sleek aero design. Drawing from their extensive experience with bike fits and builds, FiftyOne crafted a unique frame geometry that caters to a broader range of rider preferences. This design therefore minimises the need for unsightly spacers, preserving the bike's elegant proportions while ensuring the correct riding position.

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While not solely an aero racing bike, the Sika features aero-optimised tube shapes to reduce drag without sacrificing ride quality or weight. Its one-piece cockpit, developed entirely in-house, enhances aerodynamic efficiency and offers a comfortable hand position with internal brake hose routing for a clean and sleek appearance.

Like many contemporary bike manufacturers, FiftyOne prioritises versatility, evident in the Sika's tire clearance of up to 40mm. This enables riders to tackle various terrains, including rough roads, cobbles, and gravel paths. Despite its generous tire clearance, the Sika remains one of the lightest frames in its category, weighing 690g in a size medium.

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Aidan Duff, FiftyOne's founder and managing director, said about the manufacturer's new model: “Sika is born out of all our custom building experience. It's a natural evolution for us. Having built over 500 bespoke frames, we have a unique viewpoint on what riders actually want and need. I’ve long thought the current model is a little broken –producing bikes for the world's best athletes and then selling them to consumers. It never made sense to me.

“The Sika is a pure road bike for everyday use. Using realistic stack heights allows riders to ride for longer, engage more power and ensure that every ride will be their best ride. But don’t for one minute think this is an endurance bike. The Sika has the same DNA as our custom model and is made to inspire confidence on corners and descents. It's assertive, nimble and engaging. In short, this will corner like an F1 car but with the comfort of a Bentley.”

The Sika garnered acclaim at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, receiving an award for the best new bike product from Bikerumor. This recognition underscores FiftyOne's commitment to delivering high-performing road bikes to customers worldwide, including those at Signature Cycles.

For those interested in ordering a Sika road bike, contact us today.