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As we enter October and the weather takes a dip in temperature, the sun shines a little less and the rain clouds more persistent, it takes a little more grit and determination to keep riding your bike. The pull of the indoors, whether on a turbo trainer or simply a hot coffee, can be too great. But we cyclists still ride, we still brave those elements — the pull of two wheels is always too much to resist. The thrill of riding, the open road and the satisfaction of getting somewhere — whether the café stop or the summit. Nothing quite beats the glory of a hot shower to warm the toes when it’s all done!

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In the days when the sun stays low and your breath becomes visible, layers are your best friend. Starting with a base layer which performs three simple jobs; it keeps your body warm, allows freedom of movement and wicks away sweat from your body. Next up is the jersey, which by now is probably long sleeved and can be regular or thermal. A short sleeve jersey with arm warmers is a great way of regulating your temperature. The outer layer does a lot of the dirty work for you, a gilet or jacket should be close fitting whilst allowing for dynamic movement. Wind proofing and shower proofing add that extra protection from the elements.

Between these three layers you have enough protection to keep you happy whatever the weather. Stowable jackets and removable warmers allow for constant regulation as the weather changes or the ride gets tasty with your ride buddies!


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We’re pleased to be able to present to you an incredible Fall / Winter Collection from Pas Normal Studios that really fits the bill. The Control Collection sets the standard for what should be expected from your cold-weather cycling apparel. The whole concept behind the range is about controlling those environments and conditions that seem uncontrollable.

Presented with an optimised fit for all riding styles, this collection exhibits the Pas Normal Studios mentality of seamlessly combining visual aesthetics with quality, technical apparel. Fantastic kit that functions highly and looks great. Come into the shop to see the new range and get yourself kitted out for the colder months ahead. There’s nothing like a new set of clothing to persuade you to get out into the elements.

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Whether you’re a seasoned gravel rider or a complete newbie to off-road, the Fall / Winter seasons are an ideal time to take a dirtier path. Big tires with lower pressures offer hard wearing grip and the opportunity to explore trails, paths and cinder roads without caring about puddles! All Road bikes and Gravel bikes are fun all year round, but if you’ve never tried then this Fall could be the ideal time to change things up. Rather than worrying about how well you’ll stick to the tarmac on a bend smothered in wet leaves you’ll be bunnyhopping fallen logs and sliding it around gravel tracks like a kid! There’s an element of pure fun with gravel; getting back to basics, getting dirty and staying way from traffic. The promise of adventure will definitely get you out of bed on a chilly Saturday morning!

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If you’re thinking about an upgrade or starting your gravel adventure, learn about building your next off-road fun machine here

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