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FiftyOne Bikes are one of Signature's strongest collaborators. We've delivered many of their beautiful custom bikes to customers over the years, like Tim's recent FiftyOne Disc, or Darren's stunning orange and black bike.

In this in-depth video from Just Ride Bikes, you can find out exactly what happens once we've conducted our fitting, specified the bike and supplied all of that information to FiftyOne. Aidan Duff, FiftyOne's founder, takes us through the frame building process in fantastic detail, as well as giving insight into FiftyOne's philosophy and core values.

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What truly shines through is Aidan's commitment to custom geometry, and uniqueness in bike building. This is why FiftyOne are such a key partner here at Signature, as we often say that individualization is in our DNA, and that bike fitting for custom projects is at the heart of what we do.


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