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As you may have noticed, here at Signature, we’ve been going through some changes. Expanding from the original Manhattan studio, we’ve been in our Greenwich store for the past 15 years.

But with that amount of time, we all start to show our age. There are some changes we’ve wanted to make to our Greenwich store for a long time, to open up the store for better client interaction, and make our servicing area more visible customers walking in for the first time, to see the real technical heart of the business. As well as this, we’ve recently been through the process of a rebrand, working with London based design studio Conductor, bringing our visual identity in line with values that are at the core of Signature Cycles. It was truly the right time to bring this all together, to make the experience of the customer the best we possibly could, and renovate the store.

Store Renovation Journal rezise

We didn’t do this alone, though. Also to thank for these recent updates are one of our closest partners, a brand we’re proud not just to stock but to work closely with. Since 2015, we’ve been an Assos Pro Shop, the highest level of partnership a store can have with the prestigious Swiss cycling apparel brand. Because of this, we want to make sure we’re using the most up to date presentation of their clothing, and put in completely new hanging racks, a bold colour concept and bespoke signage.

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The first phase started with an update to the lower level fitting studio. This has been the first in-store application of our new Signature Cycles brand, and what better place for it than the heart of our operation. As the first step on the journey of many stunning custom bike projects, the fit room was a perfect place to start our store renovation journey.

Then, it was on to the main store. Working closely with Daniele at Assos, and their head office in Switzerland, they developed a full 3D shop design. After several rounds of joint reviews, the shop layout went into production in Europe, and was shipped over to the East Coast. The first of their latest in store concept in the world, this was an important fit out for Assos.

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There’s a wider context to this, the story of the regeneration of our whole street, Greenwich’s iconic Railroad Ave. An original plan to tear down the whole building, evicting all the tenants including ourselves was thankfully tempered when Covid hit, becoming a softer renovation of the facade, roof and interior of the train station. We’re hoping for this work to start in the winter, and be competed by the summer. Only us and Citibank will be remaining in the building during the renovation period.

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We couldn’t be more pleased with the final result of this long process. To be able to show Assos at it’s best, and have the best customer experience from bike fitting all the way to buying the apparel to help our customers when they’re riding their bikes is so important to us. Most importantly, to have been able to share this with our customers and friends at the grand opening (with legendary rider Nathan Haas in attendance) made the whole process even more special.

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To everyone who attended the event, and to all of our customers past, present and future, we give our thanks. We would truly not be here without you sharing our vision, and we’re pleased to reassure you that we’re not going anywhere, and look forward to many more years of fulfilling your cycling dreams.

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