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A long-time friend of Signature, Ric Wolf is a deeply accomplished time-trial cyclist based in New York. A senior rider with an impressive resume, Ric has twice represented the United States on the world stage at the Maccabian Games.

More than just an adept time-trial rider, Ric is also an amazing example of cycling’s power to improve the lives of others, running Foundation Cycling NYC, the oldest cycling club in the CRCA, and most successful team in the NYC area. As well as participating in races, Foundation’s aim is to break down race and class related barriers that young riders are usually faced with, helping their diverse team reach their full potential. Foundation also has a rich history of philanthropy, paying it forward by donating to numerous charities; to date, they’ve raised over $350K for CaringKind Alzheimer’s Association, and $250K for Cycle for Survival.

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But for all of Ric’s achievements in his competitive cycling career, his 2023 season has probably his best yet. After a strong early season, Ric knew that he wanted to aim for one of the most prestigious competitions in time-trial cycling; the UCI World Championships.

For Ric, throwing himself into the 2023 season and aiming for the Worlds called for an update in his hardware. He approached Signature back in 2022, and after thorough discussions about his goals and needs for the bike, we knew the Shiv TT Disc from Specialized would be the ideal choice to accompany Ric through 2023 and beyond, accompanied by a light, aero-optimized wheelset from American manufacturer Princeton CarbonWorks. The Shiv TT is a bike perfectly suited to the diverse and challenging TT course Scotland would present, a light and well-handling bike that’s arguably the most adjustable on the market, lending itself to Signature's fit-first philosophy, and allowing us to dial in Ric’s position in the fitting.

Bike fitting is one of Signature’s core services, and biggest strengths. We conducted a full fitting consultation for Ric, optimizing his position for maximum efficiency and application of power. This would be key not just for Ric’s race performance, but also for protecting and helping a hip injury that he had sustained. “Immediately after the fit, my wattage went up and I no longer had any hip issues,” Ric reflects.

As well as increasing biomechanical efficiency and preventing overuse injuries, this bike fitting would have an extra layer of complexity with Ric’s participation in upcoming UCI qualifying events. For all UCI events, bikes must comply to strict measurement guidelines, with Lead Fit Technician Abraham striking a perfect balance between an optimal fit and staying within the UCI requirements. At Signature, attention to detail is absolutely key, and as Ric states, “Abraham's attention to detail is second to none.”

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With his bike prepped and ready, Ric traveled to Jacksonville AL to qualify. After a blinding run at the Cheaha Challenge Gran Fondo, a podium finish in the race secured his place at the Worlds in Scotland.

August was fast approaching, and Ric traveled over to Scotland. Representing the USA in the Men’s 65-69 Individual Time Trial, he had a great race, “I tore up the course thanks to Abraham and the bike and bike fit I got from Signature.” Ric didn’t stop there, going on to podium 10 of his 12 races in his 2023 season.

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We’re hugely proud to have been a part of Ric’s story, to have helped him to represent his country at the Worlds, and bring more attention to his excellent racing team in the process. Follow Foundation on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with their race results and fundraising drives. Click here to book an expert fitting consultation with Signature, and see what it could do for your health and performance.

Images courtesy of Ric Wolf and UCI

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