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At the core of Signature Cycles is our passion for creating the pathway to our client’s cycling dreams. Through giving our advice and recommendations, and building unique bikes for our clients, we take huge pride in helping them accomplish their greatest cycling ambitions.

As well as fulfilling the dreams of our clients, it’s deeply important to us to reach out to others outside of cycling, and utilize the opportunity we have to fulfil the dreams of those less fortunate than us. We do this through organizations that care for the youth, people at risk and people struggling with lifetime health challenges, or affected by a disability.

At the heart of it, giving back helps to better the lives of the people around us. Our loved ones, the people in our community, and the lives of people elsewhere in the world. But giving back to the community doesn’t just benefit others, it benefits you too.

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As a business, supporting charitable causes gives our employees an opportunity to champion a cause that is close to them, making a difference in the community or farther afield. It helps all of us at Signature feel proud to represent a company that can make a difference to the causes that matter.

Our staff all have their own personal reasons for choosing the nonprofit organisations that we donate to. For Ruedi and his family, caring for a son born with Down’s Syndrome has created a desire and need to be more engaged with vulnerable people and populations at risk. We feel extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to give back to these causes through Signature Cycles, and help those in need that we can often strongly relate to.

In fact, you can come and join Ruedi and the Signature team for a leisurely ride along the Connecticut shoreline on the 1st of October, in support of the Vista Life Program for people with intellectual disabilities. To be able to combine bike riding with such a wonderful and worthy cause is a real dream for us, and we're confident you’ll enjoy it too. Click here for more info on how to join us for this charity ride.

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We’re fortunate enough to be able to give to a number of different non-profit organisations. These include:

Vista Life

Vista Life offers programs and pathways to independence for young adults with neurological disabilities. Each member of the Vista community is supported as a person on their own journey toward greater self-reliance and personal achievement. Our personal connection to this charity makes supporting it even more special, as we know first hand the impact Vista Life can have on those in need.

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The CT Cycling Advancement Program

The Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program aims to put every child in CT on a bike. Since 2013, they’ve worked to introduce thousands of kids from 9-18 to the sport of cycling in a way that promotes fun and safety. From excelling at road racing, to mountain biking to just riding safely in traffic, the CCAP helps kids discover and excel in cycling. We’ve supported the program for a number of years, and will be attending the New Haven Grand Prix on the 15th and 16th of September, with all proceeds going to the CCAP. We’ll see you there!

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Cycle for Survival

Whilst at Signature we’ll always be devoted road racers, not all great rides are on the road. Cycle for Survival have been raising money for rare cancer research by bringing stationary cycling to venues across the US since 2007. In that time they’ve raised an astonishing $309M, with 100% of that going towards funding research into advancing cancer fighting technologies. So many of us are personally effected by cancer, and it makes us very proud to support the people who are making life-saving advances.

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World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief is a catalyst for change, partnering with people in rural communities around the globe to realize their goals by expanding opportunities to access education, markets, health facilities and vital services with their purpose-built bikes. The organization equips people in low-income regions of sub-Saharan Africa and South America with free bicycles, creating greater opportunities for people, their families and entire communities. It’s important to us to not only support local community causes, but also those in further afield, to make the very most of the impact we can make to others.

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Giving is just one of the ways we find meaning in what we do at Signature, and make sure we’re reminded to think of others as much as possible. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on instagram to keep up to date with upcoming fundraising events, and feel free to reach out to us if there are any causes that are close to your heart we should consider supporting.

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