Bastion Cycles Project Archangel 119


Build Kit


Bastion ArchAngel


Lightweight Meilenstein EVO Schwarz Ed.

Pirelli P-Zero Velo Race TLR 700-28c


Dura-ace Di2 R9270 or SRAM Red AXS or Campagnolo Super Record EPS

CeramicSpeed T47 86mm internal

CeramicSpeed OSPW with 3D printed titanium pulleys with Cerakote to match frame

Finishing Kit

Saddle of choice wrapped by Busyman

Alcantara bartape by Buysman

King titanium bidon cage with Cerakote finish to match frame

This week’s BOTW is something a little different and something very special. Last weekend at Bastion’s HQ, we were part of a lucky group to witness the unveiling of their new limited edition road bike; the successor to the Demon, the ArchAngel.

Limited to just 88, this bike has pushed the cycling industry to the next level.

Bastion Cycles Project Archangel 2

Unmistakble. Unrivalled. Unforgettable.
Embrace your obsession.

With ArchAngel, Bastion wanted to create something truly special. Each one individual and limited, but sharing a common ethos and aesthetic.

Together with their partners, Bastion have curated a build specification guaranteed to evoke desire in everyone who sees it. A build that embraces an obsession with the most beautifully engineered products in the world. Every component carefully thought out and chosen for maximum impact, both visually and out on the road. No expenses spared.

The ultimate expression of Bastion’s obsession with cycling and engineering.

Bastion Cycles Project Archangel 17
Bastion Cycles Project Archangel 30

The Inspiration

Engineering a new art form. In the 1950s a very special project was undertaken in the Lockheed Martin Skunkworks under the leadership of Clarence “Kelly” Johnson. It was code named “ARCHANGEL”.

It went on to become the world’s first titanium skinned plane, capable of Mach 3 and outrunning missiles sent to intercept it. Not only was the craft itself revolutionary, the way in which it was developed was decades ahead its time. With cross-functional teams working side by side.

The project and its successor the SR-71 Blackbird were instrumental in inspiring co-founder James to become an engineer and the way in which we conduct our own development projects, including this one. The Bastion ArchAngel has been designed in tribute to this legendary craft. A fitting successor to The Demon.

Artistically, designer Charlie has taken inspiration from a different kind of superhero of the same moniker. Incorporating the wings of the superhero and mythological figure the ArchAngel. The result is a new art form. Extremely limited. Eminently collectible.

20050422102153 Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird


Inspired by the color pallette of the ArchAngel we have handpicked 8 colors from the Cerakote range. These colours will be applied over the raw 3D printed finish of the lugs creating a unique textured finish for the first time in the Bastion line-up. Cerakote is a remarkably durable coating that weighs far less than paint.

It is a homage to the ceramic coating used on the ArchAngel aircraft to prevent the titanium skins from overheating as they travelled at up to 3 times the speed of sound. Although the original aircraft was only coated in black, we have curated a selection of colours to allow you to express your personality and accentuate the art in unique ways.

Bastion Cycles Project Archangel 105
Bastion Cycles Project Archangel 54
Bastion Cycles Project Archangel 19

Limited to 88, get yours now before they’re all gone.
Ruedi’s already taken #61!