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This week, our bike of the week is the brand new, groundbreaking time-trial bike from BMC — the Speedmachine 01 LTD.

We’re excited to partner with cutting-edge Swiss frame builder BMC to announce the launch of this bike, the result of a five-year collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies to produce the fastest time-trial and triathlon bike in the world.

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Following the successful validation of the prototype launched back in May 2022, the Speedmachine is what happens when you take the learning and innovation from one highly engineering-focussed sport and apply it to another. For the Speedmachine, BMC have drawn upon the knowledge of Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT), the engineering company born out of multiple Formula 1 world championships, applying their technology-led approach to create this ultimate time-trail and triathlon bike.

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At the highest level of motorsport, the key to success is to master “Driver Feel”; creating a seamless connection between the driver and their machine. This is brought through to the Speedmachine, with BMC perfecting the connection between the rider, the bike and the road, developing the bike not just in a wind tunnel but also in the challenging conditions of Lanzarote with the BMC Pro Tri team.

The result is a bike you can ride in an optimal aero position with the confidence and stability you’d have on a road bike, and the fastest bike BMC have ever tested.

RBAT and BMC achieved this through a range of technical innovations. A wider fork stance and highly optimized tube shapes reduce drag in all yaw angles, and a Formula 1 inspired SharkFin spoiler tucked under the front fork cleans up the air behind the front wheel and around the frame.

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Technical innovation is what drives the sport of cycling forward, and collaboration across boundaries and disciplines is one of the richest sources of this innovation. Similar to Passoni building bikes with titanium-woven carbon originally developed by Pagani, special things can happen bike brands draw on technology from other branches of knowledge.

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We’ll have a Speedmachine 01 LTD in store at Signature this week, one of a very limited edition of 50 first edition bikes.

Visit our showroom for the opportunity to see and feel this extremely rare and extraordinary bike for yourself!