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Build Kit


Bastion Superleggera


Bastion 3D printed cockpit


Partington MKii


Pirelli P-Zero 700x28c

Finishing Kit

Fizik Aliante R1 Carbon

Leh Leather Bar Tape


Shimano Dura-Ace 9170

This week’s bike of the week is David’s Bastion Superleggera, a top-of-the-line, no holds barred bike from the Australian bike builders.

A brand we’re acutely familiar with and fond of at Signature, Bastion offer incredibly detailed and considered bikes, utilising a blend of materials to get the most out of each element of the frame. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Bastion make some of the most beautiful bikes in the market, in our opinion, and we’re always excited when a project involving them comes along.

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David’s Bastion will be his third custom bike with Signature Cycles, and we couldn’t be happier to have been entrusted once again to bring to life a dream bicycle for him. David’s first bike with us was a titanium gravel bike, which was followed by a carbon road bike from FiftyOne Bikes. This time, David was looking for a blend of the two, a bike that combined the precision of titanium manufacturing with the smoothness of carbon fibre tubing.

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Bastion's unique titanium lugs are 3D printed and combined with carbon tubes that are manufactured entirely in house (as are the machines used to make them.) This total control over the manufacturing process allows Bastion to fine-tune every aspect of their modular frames. The end result is testament to their dedication to putting the rider first, with incredible attention to detail and craft apparent.

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For this build, David wanted to use components from an existing bike, adding a new pair of Partington carbon wheels, also made in Australia, which David test-rode for a few rides and fell in love with. A beautiful collaboration between two artisanal Australian manufacturers.

David chose a stunning deep purple color scheme that is sophisticated and toned down, yet uniquely eye-catching. The titanium lugs are left raw, contrasting against the carbon and giving the bike a regal look. The Bastion logo shines out in a metallic colour that matches the lugs. The Partington wheels are incredibly clean, and the oversized jockey wheel on the CeramicSpeed derailleur arm gives the impression that this bike truly means business.

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Overall, David’s new Bastion is another stunning example of the amazing work that the Australian manufacturers are bringing to the bike world. It’s a sophisticated, classy, and subtly flashy bicycle, and most importantly, it’s another dream bike for a long-time customer of ours. We’re looking forward to seeing Dave riding this Bastion in 2024, undoubtably with a big smile on his face.