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What is the ultimate luxury? When you’re young, you might think of material wealth, money, fine clothes or dining. But as you get older, you realise that the real luxury is time. It’s the one resource you can’t buy, the one you can’t get back once it’s spent. For us, of all the bike manufacturers, Passoni is the one that represents this luxury. For their bikes, time spent on the manufacture of the bike is of no concern; all that matters is creating the most perfect titanium bikes they possibly can. “We don’t even have a company process where we measure how many hours it took to produce which frame”, Passoni owner Matteo Cassina stated when speaking to The Educated Cool.

For this BOTW, we’re focusing on some of our favourite Passoni builds over the years. For each of three past Bikes of the Week, a different key quality of Passoni is brought to the forefront.

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Werner’s Passoni Titanio Disco


When Werner came to us earlier this year looking to upgrade his well-ridden Cervelo S3, it quickly became clear to him that Passoni would be the only way to go. The simple and beautiful titanium frame and oversized tubes of the Disco are a timeless design, with a foot in Passoni’s racing heritage and an eye to cycling’s future.

It’s often quoted that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This Passoni truly embodies this; the simple, black finishing kit and bare titanium frame leave nothing to obscure Passoni’s obsessive attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.

02 Hero

Larry’s Passoni XXTi


Larry’s bike exemplifies a quality of Passoni bikes that might not be immediately apparent. It’s easy to appreciate the style and simplicity of their machines. But for Larry, a Singaporean rider whose home country’s heat and humidity will put any bike through it’s paces, getting a bike that would rise to the challenge and last forever was the priority. It was clear to us that Titanium would be the number one choice. Unique for its combination of lightness and durability, a titanium frame would excel in Singapore’s tough conditions.

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With so many fantastic titanium frame manufacturers in the market, selecting a manufacturer to build the bike is a pleasingly difficult choice. Larry opted to go with Passoni, mostly because of the unique welding technique they employ. Their artisan welders use a sealed chamber to avoid any oxygen affecting the welding process, arguably the best way to weld titanium.

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Few manufactures can combine Passoni’s jeweller-like level of finishing, with a rugged and durable bike that will last a lifetime, and maybe longer.

Andrew’s Passoni XXTi

Unique Style

Sometimes, all you want something that no-one else has. Passoni can offer many things: a ride that’s fast and comfortable, unmatched materials and finishing, passion and craft. But what shouldn’t be overlooked is their supreme, timeless elegance and unique style.

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Unique is the key word here; the vast majority of Passoni’s yearly production are made to measure, utilising custom geometry informed by the fitting you’d receive at Signature. No only that, but due to their commitment to detail and finishing, the entire manufacturer only produces around 350 bikes per year. This isn’t a bike you’ll see very often at your local Saturday rideout.

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For all of the time that Passoni put into their bikes, the real purpose is to translate that into time spent on the saddle for each owner. The riding experience is pure, with bikes that are simple and unobtrusive, yet beautiful. Book a fitting with us to begin your Passoni journey, or visit their website to read more.

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