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Build Kit


Bastion Cross Road


Lightweight Pfadfinder Carbon Disc Schwartz Edition

Pirelli Cinturato 700x45c Mixed Terrain


SRAM RED AXS + Eagle XX1 RD + Eagle XX1 10-52 Copper Cassette + SRAM QUARQ Power meter + 46t Chainring

Finishing Kit

Custom 3D printed cockpit with 42cm flare gravel version handlebar and 90mm custom stem

Specialized Romin Evo Mimic saddle

Arundel Gecko grip black tape

Sicuro Titanium copper finish bottle cages

Shimano XTR pedals

We have a very special BOTW to end the year with, our very own Ruedi’s new Bastion Cross Road. The idea for the build itself came whilst Ruedi was riding the Enve Grodeo race, something we’ll expand on later in this article.

What’s clear to see is the incredible hard work that goes into creating such a one-off masterpiece, which is why we partnered with our friends at Miller to show the Bastion off in a stunning environment. Photographed by James Cooper, we took Ruedi’s new machine to the Pagani showroom, home of the Huayra – arguable one of the best cars in the world. What better place to show off one of the best bikes in world!

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There are many parallels between these two ‘one of a kind’ projects; the very pinnacle of engineering, craftsmanship and hand building. Both the Pagani Huayra and Bastion Cross Road demonstrate the ultimate in the evolution of technology, using 3D printing and high-end carbon engineering to produce highly customised, limited edition works of art.

Paired with SRAM’s industry leading AXS groupset and Lightweight’s exceptional Pfadfinder wheels, the Bastion Cross Road is not just beautiful, but perfectly equipped for the job intended. Ruedi had a real need for a bike that could perform in the toughest of conditions and be perfectly suited to his riding style and body geometry, this build is the culmination of those aspirations. Equal parts art and design, function and form. The very height of a personalised cycling solution.

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We'd like Ruedi to pick up the story behind the inspiration in his own words —

After heading out to Utah last year to participate in the Enve Grodeo race, it became very clear that I needed a new, more gravel specific full custom bike since the single-track trails in Utah presented such a major challenge.

The Seven Evergreen Pro that I was riding that day has been a very loyal friend for many years and allowed me to venture far off paved roads. At the time I purchased it, the frame was at the forefront of gravel bike design and built to fit a 38mm all-round tire. For the demanding terrain of the Enve Grodeo I maxed out the bike's limits and mounted a 42mm knobby tire, resulting in toe overlap. That day I was forced to dismount the bike on many tight uphill turns which was, regrettably, the cause for some unwanted traffic jams! Pushing my bike uphill in the Rockies, my new full gravel bike project was born.

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Pagani, Italian manufacturer of hypercars and carbon fiber components

There are very few companies that have a carbon, full custom gravel frame in their build line up. Picking a Cross Road from Australian frame builder Bastion wasn’t a difficult decision, especially after they confirmed that toe clearance would not be an issue, based on my fit data.

I am, of course, incredibly familiar with Bastion, we have sold several of their magnificent road frames thanks to their status at the pinnacle of bike design and engineering. Not only was my bike built with their 3D printed titanium lugs, but I have one of the first ever fully integrated 3D printed gravel headsets and flared carbon-titanium handlebars.

My overall design was inspired by my Swiss heritage and moments in life that put a smile on my face, namely rum, and whisky! I was able to integrate my family crest in the seat tube topper and added a Swiss cow on the chain stays, all part of the custom 3D titanium printing process. A warm glowing brown tone with a fade reflects my favorite pastime of fine drinks — every so often I carry some along on a cold winter ride. Cheers!

To add to the awesome ride quality of the frame, I added a set of Lightweight Pfadfinder wheels with 45mm Pirelli tires, together with a Ceramic Speed package. A 1x SRAM AXS Red 10/52 completes this magnificent build. The ride is just stunning, superbly smooth given the harsh tires and yet responsive at the same time.

I can’t wait to take this bike back to its home country Australia in January, to enjoy a few days of riding with the Bastion team and fellow owners. Most of all I am excited to have the opportunity to visit the Bastion factory, where I look forward to seeing the complex process that each frame goes through from beginning to end. It took a lot of patience for the frame to land in Greenwich, but it was well worth the wait and this trip will close a wonderful circle; from a design idea to riding the bike with a huge smile on my face Down Under.

Thank you, Bastion, for my dream bike and thank you to our loyal customers who have continually inspired us to push builds forward. Without your imagination we would never be able to push the boundaries and arrive at such special bikes. We look forward to even more special builds in the future, I hope my dream gravel bike can inspire one of your own!

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