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Sometimes, a bike is so much more than just a bike. As well as a way to travel and exercise, a bike can be an expression of the rich culture of a country, or of the life and loves of its owner. Scarab Bicycles make wonderful bikes, but they also make pieces of moving art, rooted firmly in the joyful culture of Colombia, and the mighty Escarabajos, the Colombian riders that cemented Cycling into Colombia’s national identity.

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Born in the road riding paradise of the Andean mountains, Scarab create custom built steel framed bicycles. They’re a firm favourite at Signature Cycles; of all the bikes ridden by Signature staff, Scarab is one of the most popular. They’re light, fast, and punch well above their weight for ride quality and performance.

This week, rather than just featuring on one customer Bike of the Week, we’re taking a special look at one manufacturer, and focusing on some previous Bikes of the Week that exemplify the best qualities of the Colombian bike builders.

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Zach’s Scarab Paramo

A Rider’s Bike

Scarab are firmly a steel bike manufacturer, a choice that has earned them many fans, particularly amongst the Signature staff. They of course use some of the most advanced steels available for bike manufacturing, often mixing tubing manufacturers to get the perfect balance of characteristics.

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Rather than a no-compromise, weight saving, ultra aero frame, Scarab use steel to perfectly balance ride quality, durability and weight. These variables are not often the first that a manufacturer will consider, but for Scarab, these three qualities reign supreme.

For Zach, when looking for a gravel bike to explore Greenwich’s natural surroundings, a Scarab Paramo was the ideal choice. Not only is this a bike you can throw around gravel trails with ease, but with Scarab’s modern steel, the complete bike was a mere 18lbs, lighter than most stock gravel and endurance bikes. For Scarab, the rider always comes first.

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Karen’s Scarab Letras

Making the Bike Truly Yours

One of the joys of a custom bike, other than an unparalleled fit and riding experience, is the opportunity to work with the manufacturer to customize the bike. For this example, Co-owner of Signature, Abraham, wanted to mark a special wedding anniversary with a paint scheme full of treasured memories of how they met.

A wonderful story, and a truly unique bike, that proves a bike can be much more than just a bike.

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Magda’s Scarab Paramo

A Connection to Colombian Culture

This bike started with Magda's eagle eyes, spotting a Scarab through the window of our store, painted with classic Colombian designs. Having grown up in Colombia, Magda recognised the designs instantly, and was intrigued by the brand.

The bike she spotted was painted in one of their iconic paint schemes, the “Chivas”. This colorful, exuberant paintwork stands out in the often minimal world of modern bike aesthetics. The style and name are a reference to expressive, hand-painted traditional busses you’d find in Colombia. These busses are a symbol of Colombian culture, particularly the Andean regions in Antioquia, where Scarab are based, where they connect the rural mountain communities.

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For Magda, this colorful Paramo was her entry in to the world of cycling, a recent hobby inspired by the success of Colombian cyclists like Nairo Quintana and Egan Bernal. As well as this, it’s a connection to Colombian culture, far from her home nation.

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This is what Scarab do best — more than just creating solid, high-performing bikes, these bikes are deeply Colombian, rooted in the rich culture of their home nation. The bikes are a metaphor for Colombia itself: joyful, exuberant and full of life.

This April, we’ll be visiting Colombia, and the Scarab factory, as part of our Colombia Cycling Camp. Click here for more information on this trip, and here to book your place. Hurry, only a few places remain!

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