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Build Kit


Baum Orbis


Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 11-34 Cassette / 52-36 Chainrings


ENVE 3.4 SES Tubeless


Pirelli Cinturato 700x28c Tubeless

Finishing Kit

SMP Dynamic Saddle, with Bespoke Wrap and Handlebar Tape by Busyman Cycles

Custom Painted Silica Frame Pump

King Cage Titanium Bottle Cages

This week we’re featuring a bike that you won’t see very often. This is a Baum Orbis, assembled by us for Dave.

Baum are a frame builder close to our heart here at Signature, as they are one of the wonderful Australian brands we visited in person during our tour Down Under in January of this year. The quality and attention to detail that Darren brings to every one of his bikes is amazing, making them a perfect addition to our roster.

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Initially approaching us for a review of his bike fit, and then to upgrade some of the components on his existing bikes, we were excited when Dave finally reached out to us to put together his dream bike. His intention for the bike was clear: it had to be a Baum.

Why Baum? For Dave, it’s a matter of exclusivity. In recent years, Baum has established itself as a true “if you know, you know” type of brand, a sought-after enthusiasts brand, that has built a strong reputation for hand crafting titanium bikes that inspire their owners, and deliver some of the finest rides. Located in Geelong, a small city just west of Melbourne, their approach to bike building is all based around the bike fit, a strong foundation upon which to create the perfect bike for Dave. It’s always refreshing for us to work with a manufacturer who truly appreciates the importance of the fit, and the difference it can make to the final riding experience.

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Dave was also drawn to Baum for their use of titanium. When the high-end of bike manufacturing is dominated by carbon fibre, titanium is a material that often flies under the radar, a stealthy, understated option that can deliver world-class stiffness and lightness, whilst retaining comfort and dampening road vibration. It fits the character of a brand like Baum, a manufacturer that builds bikes that they want to ride, not simply following the trends of the bike industry.

Not a stranger to titanium, Dave has multiple titanium frames to compare the Baum to, and has a true appreciation for the benefits and beauty of this frame material.

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After discussing his riding style and needs for the bike, we agreed that the Orbis would be the right model for Dave. With square chain stays to improve power transfer, this titanium combines the feel of a high-end road bike with a smooth, stable and confidence-inducing ride, easy to put miles into but still efficient when needed.

The rich blue finish of the bike is a signature of Baum, contrasted by striking silver decals that compliment the exposed titanium rear triangle. Etched proudly on this raw titanium is “Handcrafted in Australia since 96”, a source of pride for the Aussie brand.

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For componentry, we paired the bike with the new Shimano Dura-Ace R9270, a CeramicSpeed upgrade kit and a suite of ENVE components, keeping the quality high to match the frame. Adding another level of customization to the frame, Baum custom painted a Silca pump to match the paint job, the silver and blue finish blending seamlessly with the frame.

To add another Australian touch, we reached out to Mick at Busyman Cycles to create the saddle and handlebar tape. A frequent collaborator on Australian projects, Bushman’s artisan leather work is perfect finish to this bike, featuring the Baum logo and silver accents to match the frame itself. Often overlooked, it’s these details that make a project like this so special.

As well as a tribute to Australia and the excellent manufacturers based out there, this bike is truly a testament to close attention paid to every element, every careful consideration resulting in a complete and fully realized bike.

And on a more personal note, this bike also reminds us of wonderful times spent down under, meeting these artisans. Our thanks go to Michael at Baum for all his efforts towards this project, and to Dave for making this special bike happen. We wish you many happy years of riding this machine!

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